Establishing relationships with world-leading manufacturers is key to success in highly competitive construction industry Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Establishing relationships with world-leading manufacturers is key to success in highly competitive construction industry

By Craig O’Leary, managing director of Kingston Joinery

When tendering for contracts with major construction companies and contractors overseeing large developments, there are always a number of key elements a business has to be able to demonstrate to even come into consideration to win the work.

Firstly – and never doubt this – is of course a businesses’ ability to do the job at the best possible price.

Don’t ever believe a job is yours simply because you’ve worked for the firm in question before, or because you’re local to the project in hand. Money talks in business and it is always your job to make sure you’re offering a better deal than others. Yes, you may well hear many talk of long-term relationships, experience, reputation, track-records, reliability and trust, but get your offer wrong and don’t be surprised to see a contract you were confident of winning being handed elsewhere.

So, how do you get the price right not only for customer, but also crucially for your own business too?

Firstly, providing your services for the best price for the customer does not need to mean you end up with a contract hardly worth your while, as all those other key attributes – relationships, experience, reputation, track records, reliability and trust – should be used to demonstrate why your tender submission is the best contract on offer – giving the contractor little option but to select you for your expertise.

At Kingston Joinery, this is something we have long realised and have made a major focus of our work.

It’s very rare you’ll pitch for a contact against other firms who are unable to point to a good track record and past projects which look impressive, so what makes you different?

Yes, our team here ensures all of the boxes are ticked when a tender submission is made. We meet the required standards and have all the required accreditations to ensure we are in the mix, but we then also demonstrate how our extra dedication to quality ensures our clients will benefit not only from industry leading products and the very best standard of work, but also expertise and knowledge.

When you can demonstrate this, very importantly, the best price may not mean the cheapest. It is all providing the best value for money.

One of the biggest commitments we make is to developing and nurturing unique relationships with some of the UK and Europe’s largest and leading joinery manufacturers and suppliers.

It is these unique relationships which enable us to source, supply and install the highest quality joinery products, at the cutting edge of the market, at commercially attractive and highly competitive rates.

As part of this commitment, our management team recently headed off to the SIGA Academy Workshop in Ruswil, Switzerland, to take a tour of their facilities and academy.

It is here that building and construction professionals, planners, architects, engineers and energy consultants are trained to become building wind-tight experts.

We’ve increasingly been using SIGA window sealants and adhesives on contracts we have worked on to ensure maximum energy efficiency for customers in their new buildings. Increasingly, it is something which is becoming specifically asked for.

For our management team, it was an extremely important part of their work.

The SIGA Academy is a leading training and competence centre for air and wind-tight sealing, and as more than a third of warm air escapes through leaking areas in the ‘envelope’ of a building, ensuring a building is air and wind-tight is the most reliable protection against energy and heating cost loss.

Being able to get your hands on high-quality products alone is not enough though to win these major contracts. It is crucial that teams have the knowhow and support of the manufacturers to ensure the execution of them in installation is perfect, and any issues can be quickly resolved. We are proud to have this on all of our industry-leading products.

When you have this in your armour, you can then start to talk about your experience and how it sets you apart from your competitors - offering industry leading products, at a great price, and with the knowledge and support to back it up.

Delivering super energy-efficient buildings is now a must for all contractors, and the companies they recruit onto projects must be able to meet those requirements, as we had to when working on the £11.6m Enterprise Centre at the University of East Anglia, a development which has now been recognised as the UK's greenest commercial building.

A track record of doing so will certainly help, but key relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, and complete knowledge of the product, is required to influence that all-important factor in any tender – a great service at the best possible price.

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