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Kingston Joinery works with some of the UK’S leading internal doorset manufacturers to provide a wide range of doorsets, doorkits and internal glazed screens for use across the commercial, residential, leisure and education sectors of the construction industry. By working with market-leading brands, we can offer an extensive portfolio of products, services and flexible solutions.


Internal Fire Doorsets

Fire resistance is one of the most fundamental performance criteria for fire doors and doorsets, resulting in a complexity of regulations, standards and guides. Part B of the Building Regulations sets out requirements for fire doors related to the escape of building occupants and access for fire-fighters, gradually replacing the Code of Practice BS 5588.

However, insurers and advisory organisations are also particularly concerned with the protection of property, while other application-specific recommendations are also available. Part B refers to fire doors in terms of tests carried out to BS 476, in parallel with a new European standard which will eventually replace it.

Kingston Joinery offer Non-Rated, FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 (also available with Plasform) performance doorsets. Appropriate smoke seals and intumescents are automatically included with our fire doors and doorsets to suit performance. All of the fire resistant doors and doorsets we offer are third party certificated by the BWF-Certifire Scheme.



Acoustic control within buildings using acoustic doors can be a complex area traditionally involving either specialist consultants or a purely subjective approach. However, higher density living and the growth in noise sources today have increased awareness and driven measures to reduce problems resulting from noise pollution. In particular, Part E of the Building Regulations 2003 now includes quantifiable acoustic performance levels to ensure reasonable conditions in a wider range of residential buildings. Although not regulated, the best approach to non-residential building types should also be reconsidered along similar lines.

The effects of acoustic privacy and nuisance noise are subjective and influenced by background noise within the room, distance from sound source and general context, amongst others. When considering walls containing acoustic doors, the combined performance of both elements may be relevant: with the proportion of door to wall being particularly important.

Generally acoustic door product ranges offer up to 32 RwdB sound reduction. Should increased performance be necessary we can offer doors up to 46 RwdB . Appropriate seals and are automatically included with our doorsets to suit performance.



Kingston Joinery can offer a wide choice of high performance security doorsets for situations requiring resistance against forced entry, vandalism and more serious burglary or armed attacks.



In this section we consider the performance and design aspects of the door and doorset in relation to legislation, British Standards and NHS requirements.

The current HTM 58 places great emphasis on the use of doorsets. Our manufacturing partners are at the forefront of manufacturing performance doorsets for the health sector, with this in mind we are perfectly equipped to offer the best possible advice on doorsets for all healthcare building projects. Where possible, we are able to provide doorset solutions that achieve required design and performance characteristics.

There are complex situations where several different performance requirements are important and these should be discussed with us to derive the optimum doorset solution.



Development of key working relationships within the supply chain is integral to the successful delivery of education initiatives. Working with our manufacturing partners, we are ideally placed to deliver knowledge and experience within the education sector.

Our aim is to provide cost effective, rationalised doorset solutions that consider the latest guidance set out by the DCSF (Department for Children, Schools and Families), within the 'Shaping the Future of Education' document.

Early involvement of Kingston Joinery can provide vast benefits in the design and planning stages of education projects, and we are therefore keen to engage at the earliest stage of the design.

Whilst we aim to provide rationalised solutions for educational projects, we recognise that there will always be individual requirements which are project specific. We can offer a completely bespoke solution and are happy to create customised specifications as required.



Use of state-of-the-art CNC machines permits factory preparation for a wide range of ironmongery products, from standard hinges and basic locks to multi-point espangolettes, drop seals, concealed overhead door closers, proximity readers, ‘The Safe Hinge’, floor springs, letter boxes, door viewers, lift off hinges, rise and fall hinges, spring hinges, security hinges and bolt through ironmongery.


Timber Glazed Screens

To complement our doorset ranges we also offer timber glazed screens, combining the beauty of wood and glass to allow light into a space. It is the creative and traditional answer for facilities requiring a physical, but not a visual barrier. They offer a natural and distinguished look, improve sound control and provide a certain level of privacy.

They are available in an extensive choice of hardwoods and softwoods, primed for paint finish or lacquered to enhance the appearance of your choice of timber.

A variety of glazing options are available to suit specific project requirements.

Our timber glazed screens can also be manufactured giving consideration to acoustic or fire resisting specifications.

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