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Kingston Joinery is proud to be a commercial partner with two of the UK’s largest timber window and external doorset manufacturers. We can offer a comprehensive range of purpose-made factory finished windows, doors and associated products at affordable prices.

Our timber windows are highly accredited, meaning clients not only get the benefit of selecting a traditional environmentally friendly building material, but also from 21st century technology which provides them with windows performing to modern construction standards.

Due to the advanced manufacturing processes used we are able to supply these doors in a variety of styles and sizes that are all PAS23/PAS24 and Secured by Design compliant, if required.


Timber Casement Windows

Specifically designed and engineered to meet the demands of the latest Secured by Design Standards, our casement windows have demonstrated proven resistance to both opportunistic and sustained attack in some of Britain’s highest crime areas.

  • Tested to BS 7950: Enhanced Security
  • Secured by Design
  • Optional built-in child-proof automatic restrictor
  • Excellent bad weather performance to BS 6375: Part1 and 2
  • Suitable for use as a fire escape
  • Friction free hinges for ease of maintenance and cleaning


Timber Flush Casement Windows

Our range of "flush fit" high performance, top and side hung fully reversible windows allow the specifier to use a common profile to configure six different window operations. This Norwegian style window complies with the latest building regulations for fire escapes and thermal performance.

  • Opening sashes do not project into room, avoiding damage to curtains or blinds
  • Top & side hung reversible options with concealed hinges
  • Built in child proof restrictors
  • Tested to BS7950. Enhanced security
  • Secured by Design compliant
  • Outstanding foul weather performance to BS6375 parts 1 and 2


Tilt & Turn Windows

The popular Tilt and Turn window is a classic design that allows specifiers and clients to be creative in their design of unusual shapes, without compromising performance.

  • Single handled operation ideal for users with restricted mobility
  • Shapes can include arches, triangles and trapezia
  • Inward opening for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Ideal where opening out is restricted in areas such as footpaths or Juliet balconies
  • Tested to BS 7950 Enhanced Security
  • Outstanding foul weather performance to BS6375 parts 1 and 2


Timber Sliding Sash Windows - Chords & Weight

The Vertical Sliding Sash Window offers the best of both worlds - the appeal of traditional construction and styling combined with the benefits of modern timber technology. The result is a high performance window that is ideal where aesthetic values are critical.

  • Pendulum style cords and weights system for easy operation
  • Delivered factory glazed and finished
  • Meets planning requirements for sensitive locations
  • Fire escape options
  • Range of mouldings and fenestration styles to simulate Georgian styling
  • Optional inward opening sashes for easy, safe cleaning


Timber Sliding Sash Windows - Spiral Balance

The Vertical Sliding Sash Window offers the best of both worlds- the appeal of traditional construction and styling combined with the benefits of modern timber technology. The result is a high performance window that is ideal where aesthetic values are critical.

  • Adjustable spiral spring balance system for easy control
  • Delivered factory finished and glazed
  • Fire escape options
  • Range of mouldings and fenestrations to simulate Georgian styles


Timber Fully Reversible Windows

Available in hardwood, softwood and laminated timber, this is a High Performance top turn, fully reversible window. Proven in over 40 years of use in Scandinavia, the H Window provides the following:

  • Opening sashes which do not project into room
  • Friction-free hinges for easy operation and cleaning
  • Counterbalanced hinge geometry ensuring all sash sizes are easily handled even by people of reduced mobility
  • Tested to BS7950
  • Fully Secured by Design compliance
  • Outstanding foul weather performance to BS6375 parts 1 and 2
  • BM TRADa Q Mark for High Performance


Dual Swing Windows

The Dual Swing Window has been developed to meet the demands of contemporary styling, having the appearance of a traditional sash window whilst conforming to current building regulations.

  • Opening sashes do not project into room avoiding damage to curtains or blinds
  • Traditional box sash appearance for planning in sensitive areas
  • Hinge geometry ensuring all sash sizes are easily handled, even by those of reduced mobility
  • Built-in automatic child-proof restrictor
  • Fully reversible for easy cleaning
  • Outstanding weather performance to BS6375parts 1 and 2


Vertical Slide and Tilt Windows

This ingenious Vertical Sliding Sash design provides high performance within a traditional stepped sash and frame design. Its unique track tilting mechanism with retaining arms permits safe cleaning of both external surfaces of glass from inside the building.

  • Meets planning requirements for sensitive locations
  • Outstanding foul weather performance to BS 6375 parts 1 and 2
  • Traditional stepped appearance and sliding action
  • Adjustable tubular spring balances


Timber External Doorsets

Our range of composite timber doors offers clients and specifiers a selection of styles, sizes and colours. Manufactured from a 44mm solid core laminate ply that incorporates two sheets of aluminium, they offer outstanding weather and security protection.

Also due the construction of the door it reduces the risk of bowing or twisting ensuring many years of trouble free operation.

All our composite timber doors are compliant with the requirements of PAS23/24 and are also available with the added peace of mind of being Secured by Design.?

The Maelstrom Door is suitable for use in a range of applications ranging from private developments, public sector buildings and schools and can be quite easily adapted to be used as a means of fire escape.

  • PAS 23/24 compliant
  • Secured by Design compliant
  • FD30 for fire escape


GRP External Doorsets

A recent addition to the range of products, this GRP Composite Door combines the use of modern materials whilst maintaining the appearance of a more traditional entrance door.

Again this is available in a wide range of sizes, colours and styles to suit client’s needs and the requirements of today's market place.

This hard wearing GRP composite door is suitable for use in public and private developments and lends itself to multi occupancy dwellings where its fire resistance and choice of colours and styles can help to brighten a building’s appearance.

  • PAS 23/24 compliant
  • Secured by Design compliant
  • FD 30 for fire escape

Window and Door Finishes

Because we offer windows and doors for every project ranging from period renovations through to ultra-modern contemporary developments, we have developed an advanced range of specialist coatings to give you the exact finish you require, while ensuring superb weather resistance. You can choose from over 1,000 paint colors, including most RAL and BS4800 mixes, and a wide range of translucent wood stains.

Technical Support

Our experienced technical consultants can advise you on how to achieve the optimum solution to the demands for increasingly high performance building envelopes. We can assist in translating design concepts into tried and tested working details using the latest CAD technology. We aim to provide personal attention to detail and a disciplined approach at all stages, from an initial enquiry through to the final handover.

Standards and Regulations

Our trained advisers consider all appropriate British and European Standards Building Regulations and CDM issues in conjunction with Performance Specifications and Employer's Requirements, when preparing proposals.


At Kingston Joinery we welcome the opportunity to provide budget and cost engineering advice throughout the design/specification process in order to deliver cost certainty. At tender stage, comprehensive, clear and concise quotations are provided by our estimators in accordance with individual customer enquiries.

Project Design

Qualified in-house draughtsmen will liaise with the design team and where applicable with interface specialists to produce manufacturing drawings and buildable fixing details.


Our timber windows and doors are made by skilled craftsmen from carefully selected materials utilising modern plant and the latest manufacturing techniques. Disciplined supply chain management and quality procedures mean products are delivered to site as programmed, palletised and protected for safe and efficient offloading and distribution.


To be certain that the quality of our timber product is echoed in its installation, Kingston Joinery offers a comprehensive supply and fix service backed by fully qualified project managers.

Installation activities are programmed and pre-planned in consultation with our customers to ensure that offloading, distribution and fixing is carried out in a safe, efficient and workman-like manner.

Kingston Joinery’s independently audited Quality Procedures for recording and inspection are designed to achieve a snag-free handover in accordance with agreed programmes.

"As contractors working on building projects from small to large, we know we can rely on Kingston Joinery’s expertise and experience to deliver a top-class service from design and manufacture to installation and completion. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses."
"Kingston Joinery are a company major contractors know they can turn to with complete confidence to provide a full project solution. From initial plans to completion and handover, their dedication, reliability and quality ensures customers return for joinery services knowing their expectations will be met."